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Anniversary Month & Trump and Hillary

Anniversary Month There are a ton of things happening right now for James Scott Apparel and our anniversary is always a reminder of that, and they are all pretty special and significant. We have officially been around 2 years now…..and who would have expected a few fellas with no clothing experience accept dressing sharp from […]

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James Scott Apparel Look book

We figured this would be a great place to let our future customers, current customers, and hopeful new stores that might look to carry our product a snapshot of a large segment of our lineup. We’ve made some new styles since we printed this, but this will always represent a true look, feel, and vibrato […]

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Enter into Fall

We have had a lot of things happening, and going on already as we transition from summer to fall. We finally launched our Lookbook, we’ve scheduled a number of pop-up shops, and we are on a mission to have area, and regional boutiques pick up our existing, and newest fashionable styles in these next few […]

Indy Based Clothing Brand Looking for Home

James Scott Apparel – As an upstart clothing and apparel company here in Indianapolis, we have been through a lot within a calendar year of not only creating a brand, but actually selling it to REAL CONSUMERS. Here are some hardcore facts that we laugh at today knowing where we are, and where we are […]

That. Was. Awesome.

There are times in your life when something happens that reminds you that dreams do come true. We have had this moment occur multiple times in the past few weeks.  These are experiences that encourage us as artists and entrepreneurs to continue on the path before us. The first experience was during our attendance at […]

One Year older!

It’s amazing how sometimes an idea can become reality. Edison and other inventors dreamed of electricity, created plans, tested ideas, and finally realized their dreams.  James Scott Apparel by no means is equal to somebody making electricity a reality, but it is an exciting and “electrifying” that the idea turned into reality simply by asking […]

February Reflections

The start of this year has brought on some great and creative changes for James Scott Apparel. We have officially moved into doing University branded gear, and of course, started with our Alma Mater The “U” or as the new crop of kids like to dub it, UINDY. We decided to honor the school by […]

Why Loyalty?

Loyalty-a word that has been around for centuries but is rarely uttered in modern conversation.  However, loyalty is all around us.  Loyalty is waking up on Saturday and instead of catching up on emails or shows on DVR, spending time with your child in the sweet element of play.  Even though they can’t understand what […]

The Bashiri

      As a brand we are all about individualism, letting each individual own their own brand, and not focusing on James Scott, but the people, style, and mannerisms that make what and who James Scott is all about. We couldn’t think of a cooler more eclectic individual then Mr. Bashiri Asad….so what did […]

JSA original gear

Who Is This James Scott?

So you ask the question, why this shirt, why this price point, why this style, why this mind set? It’s okay to ask the question, but sometimes it’s not about flushing out the answer, but reacting to the situation. You have your own mind, your own style, you buck the trends, and tend to be […]