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James Scott Apparel…Practicing YOGA?

Last week was the first time I indulged in a YOGA class at my local YMCA.  I was inspired to do so because we recently sponsored an Instagram contest where Yogi’s showed various poses.  It was amazing to see the passion, flexibility and beauty of the art.  So, I decided to take the plunge after […]

That. Was. Awesome.

There are times in your life when something happens that reminds you that dreams do come true. We have had this moment occur multiple times in the past few weeks.  These are experiences that encourage us as artists and entrepreneurs to continue on the path before us. The first experience was during our attendance at […]

The Bashiri

      As a brand we are all about individualism, letting each individual own their own brand, and not focusing on James Scott, but the people, style, and mannerisms that make what and who James Scott is all about. We couldn’t think of a cooler more eclectic individual then Mr. Bashiri Asad….so what did […]

Christmas Came Early at James Scott Apparel

We have a lot to be thankful for, but definitely excited to be Indianapolis’s newest and hottest clothing brand. This was a dream we’ve been talking about for two years, and to finally see it launch and produced, is a beautiful thing!! If you haven’t been just yet, make sure you check out the Jamescottapparel.com […]

JSA original gear

Who Is This James Scott?

So you ask the question, why this shirt, why this price point, why this style, why this mind set? It’s okay to ask the question, but sometimes it’s not about flushing out the answer, but reacting to the situation. You have your own mind, your own style, you buck the trends, and tend to be […]

Progress of Online website

For many of you wondering, how are we online, but yet, still you’re not able to order the shirts? That is because we are having some technical difficulties perfecting this website to where we want it to be.  Please stay tuned to further updates. Until then, you can check out our Women’s shirts being featured […]